mDropBox Help


Step 1

Register as a NEW User filling all the details in the web site


Your mobile phone number should precede with ‘91’ – Fill all the mandatory fields. Password length should be exactly 9 characters only.

Special Characters Single Quotes (‘) are not allowed


You will get a message in your mobile phone with the Registration Number and an Activation Code.


Step 2

You need to Activate your mobile phone ( a one time operation )

Click the “Mobile Number Activation Link” at the web site and enter the Registration Number and the Activation Code number sent through the first message received by you.

You will get a second message that your phone had been registered and ready for make transactions.


Step 3

Login to the web site and first try an online payment to any of the already registered members by filling a small amount (points) to the receiver’s mobile number and your password.


You will get a transaction confirmation message on your mobile and a similar message will be received by the receiver. You may verify by calling the receiver.


How to make a payment through your mobile phone?


CREATE a message NS MDB PAY {receivers mobile number} {Amount} to the designated receiving number {9841229225} and SEND. Enter SPACE between the three key words NS, MDB and PAY and also enter SPACE between the mobile number and amount.


You will get back a message requesting you to send you password to the same number. You need to FORWARD (NOT Reply) the same message after editing your password within the brackets replacing the index numbers. There is significant difference in sending the password in this application. You have to enter only 4 characters (out of 9 characters) of your password corresponding to the Index POSITIONS indicated in the message.


Example: Suppose your password is { ganesh147 } and index positions given is 6193, then you have to enter {hg7n} corresponding to the positions 6,1,9 & 3 in your original password.


For every transaction, different index positions will be indicated in the message for entering the password characters.


Few seconds after sending the forwarded message with the password-subset, you will get a confirmation message for the successful completion of the transaction debiting the points from your account and crediting the points to the receivers account.


On the Receiver’s side:


A message will be sent to the receiver that the payer is sending the amount which he/she has to simply FORWARD to the same number.


In case the Receiver had switched on the ‘AUTO Deposit’ feature, the payment instruction will directly go to the eCashier.


On either occasion, the receiver will also get a message that the transaction is successful and his/ her account had been credited with the amount (Points) debiting the sender’s account.


For security reasons, it is advised to delete the pertaining sent and received messages on your mobile phones after completing the transactions.


Note: To start with each registered mobile number account will have a credit limit of 1000 points enabling to pay even with out any balance. This is not ACTUAL cash transactions. Only points are transacted from one account to other account. After proper approvals from the Authorizing authority this may be used for small amounts (< 1000). Now it is open for practicing and getting valuable feed back from the users.


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